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Selling Your Car

Wheelz and Wheelz can sell your car for you or give you a great price for your car as a trade-in.

Let Wheelz and Wheelz sell your car for you

Wheelz and wheelz will sell your car for you at no cost to you and get the best price. If you would like to talk to us about selling your car for you please follow the button below to our enquiry form.

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Frequently asked questions

We have listed some of the more common queries we receive about consignment and Trade-ins. If you would like further information about letting us sell your car for you please feel free to talk to us directly by calling - (07) 4721 2071, or send us an enquiry

Q. Does wheelz and wheelz accept Trade-Ins?

A. Yes, Wheelz and wheelz certainly allow you to trade-in your car. Discuss a trade-in with the dealership.

Q. I have a car which is unregistered or not running. Would wheelz and wheelz still take my car as a trade-in?

A. Wheelz and wheelz will certainly trade cars of all conditions and allow generous trade in values even for vehicles which may be considered less than desirable to some.

Q. Do you trade in Motor Bikes?

A. Wheelz and wheelz trade in motor bikes and almost anything of value, caravans, horse floats, electrical appliances, furniture, even a block of land have been traded in by some customers.

Do you have question that isn't answered here?

We look forward to helping you with any enquiry you may have. Please send us a message or call us on (07) 4721 2071. Our friendly sales team are looking forward to helping you with your enquiry.